Outings on the Creek

Voyageur Canoe Trips - The three hour cruise

A three hour cruise on Beargrass Creek - the heart of Louisville, KY. Beargrass drains 61 square miles of Jefferson County and is comprised of three forks - Muddy Fork, the Middle Fork and the South Fork. Using 30 foot Voyageur Canoes, we will explore the lower reaches, or the back water, of Beargrass Creek. Paddling on one mile of the Creek, we are able to witness the impact of our community on the ecological and aesthetic environment. For a description of the trip, click here.


We meet at The Louisville Community Boat House in Waterfront Park, just upstream or east of the big Four Bridge on River Road. The Community Boat House is adjacent to the UofL Rowing Facility and River Park Place.

Tour Objectives:

  • Obtain a better understanding of our waterways from an interactive canoeing experience,

  • Learn about the unique wildlife habitat in the Beargrass Creek area and means of preserving and reviving the area,

  • Understand stormwater management techniques and their direct impact on our waterways,

  • Examine the waterway’s position of preservation and recreation,

  • Highlight the importance of connecting Cherokee Park and the Waterfront with this missing link of the Beargrass Creek Trail and other possible trail connections within the Butchertown Greenway.

Getting on the Creek is the best way to explore it's beauty, understand the issues and become part of the solution. By bringing a group, you can gain synergistic ideas for how your class, association, or organization can play a proactive role in cleaning up our stream in our back yard.


There are many organizations that will help organize a Beargrass outing: the Louisville Nature Center, The Olmsted Parks, Metro Parks, The Louisville Zoo, and Botanica are just a few. Three options are described below.  

Salt River Watershed Watch

Salt River Watershed Watch is a group of citizens who monitor streams, rivers and springs in the Salt River Watershed. Salt River Watershed Watch volunteers are trained to collect water quality samples from streams and rivers. You do not need a science background or previous experience to become a volunteer monitor! Volunteers receive training and sampling kits free of charge. Volunteers select a river, stream or spring to sample and collect samples three times per year: spring, summer and fall. Samples are analyzed in a laboratory. Results are provided to volunteers with an explanation of water quality in their stream.

More information check out their website, go to 


Volunteers are being accepted every spring.

Beargrass Creek Alliance

The Every Drop program is a stormwater Best Management Practices initiative that will help homeowners install rain barrels, rain gardens, trees, and native gardens with technical expertise and installation assistance at a greatly reduced cost.


Apply today! Please send completed applications to tim@kwalliance.org

Louisville Nature Center at Beargrass Creek

Beargrass Creek State Nature Preserve offers people of all ages a retreat from the surrounding urban areas. This 41-acre urban forest provides critical greenspace and recreation opportunities in the city.


The only urban nature preserve owned by the Kentucky State Nature Preserves Commission, Beargrass Creek State Nature Preserve offers:

  • Over 2 miles of hiking trails,

  • A diversity of plants - 180 species of trees, shrubs and wildflowers recorded,

  • Over 150 species of resident and migratory birds documented,

  • At least 30 butterfly species observed,

  • And amazing wildlife viewing opportunities.


Learn more at http://www.louisvillenaturecenter.org