Morgan Atkinson, director is owner of Duck Works is the director and videographer for the project. A documentary film maker for over 30 years with 15 documentaries aired on KET or NPR. He grew up on the banks of Beargrass Creek, and over the years he produced Tom Owen’s neighborhood videos, a special on the “Falls Fountain.” The most recent of his work was "Wonder: The Life of Anna and Harlan Hubbard on the Ohio River." His current work focuses on Thomas Merton and the last year of his life.    This follows up Morgan's earlier movie called "Soul Searching: The Journey of Thomas Merton." To get a taste of Morgan's work, check out the trailer for Wonder - it is narrated in part by Wendell Berry.  


Morgan brings his interpretation and inspiration from the spiritual and the naturalist to this project. His focus is on the uninitiated and the general public: he has the talent, the equipment and the dedication to this project.  

David Wicks - Executive Producer

David Wicks, executive producer, is active with River City Paddle Sports, is an environmental educator, and leads experiential paddle sport adventures on Beargrass Creek and Metro Louisville waterways. He is an adjunct professor at the University of Louisville and serves on numerous environmental and land trust boards of directors. He is retired from the Jefferson County Public Schools, where he served as director of environmental education for 30 years, while managing Blackacre State Nature Preserve, Kentucky’s first nature preserve. 

Kentucky Waterways Alliance and the Beargrass Creek Alliance

Morgan Atkinson - Director

Kentucky Waterways Alliance (KWA) and Beargrass Creek Alliance (BCA) are the fiscal sponsors and receive any profits from the film.  Since 1993, Kentucky Waterways Alliance has been a leader in the fight against pollution in our waterways – winning stronger protections for over 90 percent of Kentucky’s rivers, lakes and streams. KWA works with communities on local watershed issues at the state and national levels advocating for the best regulations possible. KWA also actively works to restore waterways through a process called watershed planning, and is the state affiliate of the National Wildlife Federation.  With a mission to protect and restore Kentucky’s waterways, our work is making a difference in the quality of life for all Kentuckians one protected stream at a time. 

The Beargrass Creek Alliance is a grassroots, action-oriented group seeking to preserve Louisville’s greatest natural resource through community involvement. BCA's mission is to raise awareness about Beargrass Creek and make it clean, safe, and accessible for all.  BCA currently implements Every Drop, a cost-share program aimed at offering residents an opportunity to install rain barrels, rain gardens, and native trees on their property.  BCA also organizes creek and neighborhood clean-ups, works with volunteers to install storm drain markers, and engages in environmental education in the watershed.

The Louisville Audubon Society

The Louisville Audubon Society was the first major sponsor of the film. Their funds and their generosity of time helped make the documentary possible. The mission of the Louisville Audubon Society is to conserve and restore natural ecosystems, focusing on birds, other wildlife, and their habitats for the benefit of humanity and the earth’s biological diversity. 

About Us

Louisville Metropolitan Sewer District

MSD's mission is providing exceptional wastewater, drainage, and flood protection services towards the goal of achieving safe, clean waterways for a healthy and vibrant community. This project supports the awareness that all our actions play a role in the health of our waterways.